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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 8:28 PM

                           Mascot 006 by RumCandyAdopt


Faq by YuikoHeartless

:iconrumcandyland: is an adoptable and fanart group for :iconrumcandyadopt: and rumcandyadopt owners and even fans.
Owned by :iconrumcandyadopt: or :iconrumbyfishy: ♥ :iconanissecandy:

RumCandyLand is for owners to showcase their lovely artwork and share stories with others, including roleplaying with others; for fans to interact with one another and have fun, for RumCandyAdopt(RumbyFishy & AnisseCandy ) to offer event opportunities, adoptables, and even stories of our own.

Can I join the group? 

Want to join us? Anyone can join our group as a member! 
Join our group if you're interested in our adoptables, artwork, and/or stories.
You don't have be a RumCandyAdopt owner of one of our adoptables to join!

Can I send an Affiliation Request?

Just send us a affiliation request!

Which folders can I submit to?

  • Featured Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Special Events for RumCandyAdopt(RumCandy only)
  • Adoptables Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara General Official Adoptables byRumCandyAdopt (RumCandy only)
  • Heirlooms Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Official Heirloom Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  • Gardenia  Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraOfficial Gardenia Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  • Destiny Dragons  Tiny Heart Emoticon by GasaraOfficial Destiny Dragon Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  • Dream Crystal  Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Official Dream Crystal Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  • WingupuffsxTAMED Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Official Wingupuff Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  •  Rumycandia  Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Official Rumycandia Series Adoptables (RumCandy only)
  • Fan Art Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Where anyone can submit fan artwork of our adoptables; this can be commissioned art or gift art! RumCandy will sort any fanart submitted here, so if you're unsure where to submit fan art just submit here.(Anyone)
  • MYOTiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Members and RumCandyAdopt Watcher's adopts related to our species. Any MYO cannot use any rare or exclusive feature such as upgrades or B/C related features.  (Member Only)
  • Entries Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Entries submitted to our events (Member Only)
  • Mascot Fan ArtTiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Art of RumCandyAdopt mascots.  (Anyone)
  • Bulletin Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Where journals and advertising related to RumCandyAdopt such as trading adopts, commissions, roleplay opportunities, stories, and selling adopts can be found here. (Anyone)
  • Events Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Any event related material or archive goes here. (RumCandy only)
  • Candy Store Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Information and Candy deals goes here. (RumCandy only)

What species can be found in this group?

Icon Heirlooms by RumCandyAdopt 
Neue Zier Schrift Regular
Heirlooms are items which have passed down in a family for several generations which have guardian spirits dwelling in them, awoken by god to serve their master, the owner of the heirloom.
Please read more about Heirlooms here
Heirlooms: the Awakening Story by RumCandyAdopt  Heirlooms Custom Workshop (OPEN) by RumCandyAdopt  

Icon Gardenia by RumCandyAdopt 
FloralCapsNouveau Medium
Gardenians are cursed beings that are forced to live with a plant disease, the Curse of the Golden Flower.
Gardenia: Curse of the Golden Flower by RumCandyAdopt  

TGL 31034-1 Normal
Please note all Wingupuffs and Wingubabies will be found in their own group :iconwingupuffacademy: .
We have specific folder for them in our group but only of our designs ♥
Fanart of our wingu adopts can be submitted to the Fanart Folder however
WingupuffsMy gallery.CommissionsNote me.Customs
 Disclaimer: The following information may be no longer accurate or relevant due to Wingupuffs getting a revamp. 
Our Story
There was an angel who fell from the sky from a star.
They were cute and fluffy angels named Wingupuffs who came to earth to learn about our world and began to live here on earth.
Wingupuffs are winged beings who came down from a star and began living here among humans become human pets. Some wingupuffs have escaped the human's grasped untamed and living with nat
  Wingupuffs Reference Sheet by RumCandyAdopt

Icon Destinydragon by RumCandyAdopt 
‘DragonForcE’ Regular
A fantasy dragon themed species of beings who fight to destroy the Ancient Lands or preserve Humanity
Destiny Dragons: Choosing Destiny by RumCandyAdopt

A fantasy world full of fantasy creatures and magical beings such as criselle. Very loose personal concept and project.

Icon School by RumCandyAdopt 
Rumycandia Intro by RumCandyAdopt 
Welcome to Rumycandia~ 

The place known as the best school in the universe where human hone their talents in magic, alchemy, and other activities! But humans are not the only ones here. 

Rumor goes that there's another being that lurk in the campus ground-- 
The fairies ~ 

Catch one and who knows~  They might teach you their secret and expertise.

Rumycandia Intro by RumCandyAdopt  

Seimoris are small friendly spirits of the forest. They take care of trees, animals, flowers, water and everything that you can find in the forest or in your own garden. Without them, woods wouldn't be able to exist for as long as they have.

Icon Cyclopurr Animated by RumCandyAdopt
The Curious Cat Regular
   " Bringers of fortune and misfortune, the mystical cat's eye holds the power to change the world. "
Cyclopurr: Cat's Eye of the Storm home . gallery . customs . commissions . faq . trade center . species

Bringers of fortune and misfortune, the mystical cat's eye holds the power to change the world.
Table of Contents
1. Traits
3.Types: Land, Aquatic, Flying

Icon Doctor by RumCandyAdopt
Pahuenga Cass Regular
"Life is the Choice between Birth and Death."
What choice shall you make?

After a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a large city one May day; everyone believes that a terrorist organization plans to unleash an Infector virus all over the world to get rid of everyone with a deadly infection.
However Salvation doctors begin to gather from all over the world to combat the virus using their Vaccinator tools to save the world and cure the world from the plague. But apparently the mastermind who is behind the terrorists and the Infectors is the Plague Doctor. Do the Salvation Doctors have what it takes to defeat the Plague Doctors?

"Life is the Choice between Birth and Death."
What choice shall you make?
Please read our Story Prologue that can be found here on google slides before reading the following information below. 
If you cannot view Google Slides linked above, please read the following images below and select paths as instructed, as it is supposed to mimic the visual novel story presentation with options and choices.
(Read here first if you can't read the Story Prologue  linked .)


Icon Kitsune by RumCandyAdopt
Brushtip C FONT Trial version
The celestial fox searches for her children to restore the ancient forest. 

And more to come!

Commission InfoCustom Info
Trade Center

Remember to come back and visit RumCandyAdopt ~

You can find us here!

All art featuring RumCandy Mascots belongs to RumCandyAdopt(AnisseCandy & RumbyFishy). Do not steal, trace, copy our artwork or designs!

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Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Fun places outside of RumCandyLand Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
Just send in affiliation request if you'd like to add us!


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